I’m torturing myself

I’m torturing myself

Reactions to Story of My Life Emotional Fans: HOLY SHOOT WHAT IS THIS WATER COMING DOWN MY FACE I AM SO FUCKING RAW WITH EMOTIONS I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO THESE BOYS ARE PERFECT Horny Fans: "story of my life" more like LET ME BE YOUR WIFE I WANNA FUCK YOU ENDLESSLY Young Fans: what happened to chinny chin chins tho New Fans: I thought this band was about carrots and big red bus what is this Normal Fans: what is this indie shit because I AM IN LOVE WITH IT Niall girls: *dead* Louis girls: HIS SOLO THOUGH Modest: HOLY FUCKING SHIT THEY DIDN'T LEAK IT THANK THE HEAVENS FUCK GOOD JOB ONE DIRECTION FANDOM GOOD FUCKING JOB. One Direction: we didn't fucking lie when we said we're changing our sound. Harry Styles: hahaHA I AM TURNING ONE DIRECTION INTO AN INDIE BAND FINALLY YES I AM LOOKING AND SOUNDING THE PART Liam Payne: I want to say a Massive thank you to all our fans who bought this song. Niall Horan: I ran out of crisps and that's the end of my life. Zayn Malik: aha :) xx Louis Tomlinson: story of my life? Nah more like fairytale cause I'm living the dream bitch